Church of Madonna di Porto Salvo - Porto
XVIII century

The Church, with unique nave and rectangular plan, is the result of many works that happened over time that led to an extension of an older chapel dating back to 18th century. Significant works took place between 1922 and 1925, when the church was renewed and expanded like documents from ecclesiastic archive show. The building of bell tower and new extensions took place at the beginning of 1950 thanks to the grant of some citizens, as shows the marble tablet situated at the entry having the verse “AVE MARIA” going back to 1954. Inside the church are stored the statues of Saint Andrew, Saint Joseph with Child Jesus and one statue of Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The midpoint of vault of nave houses a painting portraying Immaculate Conception of 19th century, whereas above the high altar there is a wood sculpture representing Madonna of “ Porto Salvo”, dating back to 19th century too. The veneration of Madonna of Porto Salvo has its main expressiveness during the celebrations that take place on last Sunday of June. On that occasion the wood statue of Madonna is followed by a parade of boats and it is led in procession cross the sea. The route parade leaves from the harbor, proceeds to the rocks of Calicastro and after reaching the island of Santo Janni, goes back to the harbor.