Chapel of Saint Francis of “Poverelli”
XVI / XVII century



The chapel is integrated in a suggestive setting of Piazza Inferiore district, exceptional summit of ancient urban settlement of Maratea Inferiore called Capo Casale. Its name seems to enhance the more sublime virtue of Saint Francis: the poverty, that involves all the Franciscan apologia. The chapel has an access through three semicircular steps, it has a quadrangular plan and it is built with an unique space with barrel vault; there is just a very ancient altar in cement mortar, decorated with floral motifs, while the centre of frontlet houses a rose window with carved cross. On the side of the altar there are two niches with little vaults painted with a flower.

Above the altar there is a fresco portraying three subjects: the patron Saint Blaise in bishop clothes with a crosier in the left hand and a comb in the right hand; Saint Francis of Assisi with a cross in the right hand and Gospel in the left one; at the center the Virgin Mary with a green striped drape that clings on to the child Jesus. The structure of the fresco is uncommon because it does not put the three figures at the same level and on the same background, but it stands out Maria figure, raised from the floor and of greater dimensions compared to the two saints. The compositional method typically reflects a sixteenth-century culture based on Neapolitan style, arrived in Basilicata region through the works of painters of Salerno. The renovations, developed by Soprintendenza per i Beni Culturali e Paesaggistici, finished in 2013 returning the practice of religion to the little and suggestive church.