Eremo Our Lady of Pity
Restoration XIX century



The church, located on the slopes of Monte San Biagio, was to be a refuge for itinerant monks, can also be inferred from the welcoming porch on the south side of the building, which moved from one cenoby to the other and which usually stopped in caves or hermitages they found along the way.

It was restored and enlarged in 1810 by Blasius Gennaro Satriani according to the Baroque taste. Outside, on the left, there is a newsstand with small scrolls, a coat of arms, an inscription dated 1809 and a painted ceramic tile, from 1814. On the entrance portal, however, a crowned coat of arms dated 1810 is visible. The interior, with a single nave, has stucco decorations. In the presbytery, on the frontal of the altar, the Madonna of piety is painted in tempera, the work of an unknown 19th-century southern painter. On the altar there is a niche which houses a marble sculpture depicting the Madonna della Pietà from 1810, also by an unknown southern sculptor. On the right side in the nave, however, there is a stoup in rock salt enclosed in a stucco decorated frame, dating back to 1808.